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Remembering the Brilliant of 1968

We all look at the past through a distorted prism. We tend to see our past in a more favorable light than was probably reality. With that said, during a recent trip to Brilliant, my hometown, I couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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The real encounter with Mr. Suranovich

The story on page 129 of Favorite Sons about my encounter with Mr. Suranovich is true. He snatched me away from the arc welder and marched me down to the office when he found out that, as a senior, I … Continue reading

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Brushes with greatness

I was flipping through Facebook earlier today and happened upon the photo of  American astronaut, fighter pilot, and former U.S. Senator John Glenn. Back in the earlier sixties, there were two men who were absolute heroes to the young boys … Continue reading

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Why the change from true crime to fiction?

I have for years wanted to be a novelist. As a reporter, I was always writing about someone else’s accomplishments. Granted, as a crime reporter those accomplishments were sometimes beheadings, stabbings, and death by any number of other methods. Still, … Continue reading

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Why Crystalton?

Favorite Sons is set in Crystalton, Ohio, the fictional, thinly veiled version of my hometown of Brilliant, Ohio. So, why didn’t I just use Brilliant as the setting for Favorite Sons? There are several reasons. One, when I started writing I planned … Continue reading

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Favorite Sons – the genesis

Years ago, when I was a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, I visited the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility to interview a Death Row inmate named Johnny Spirko, who had been sentenced to die for the 1982 murder of Elgin, Ohio, postmistress … Continue reading

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